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Intuitive Structured Study of Tarot

Your instructor Bubbles Moon is well known in the psychic community as one of the very best Tarot Instructors we have.    She has been studying and collecting Tarot decks for 20 yrs and owns more than 70 and can read from all of them.  

Join us for a seven-month journey through the tarot. We will explore all aspects as we delve deep into the wonderful world of tarot. Learn the history, the anatomy, the traditional and intuitive approach, spreads, journaling, meditation, coloring, techniques for improving your connection. You will know tarot inside and out after this course.

We will meet monthly. Make ups can be arranged if necessary. To truly benefit the entire series is recommended but each class will be a stand-alone unit if you wish to drop in for one or two. 

A private on line group will be available for discussions, assignments, questions and interaction throughout the month. Participation is not required, but encouraged as it will help accelerate the learning process.

The class will be using one deck chosen by the instructor. You do not have to use this one, but it will be the one referenced in the class. As always with Mama Bubbles, feel free to bring all your tarot deck friends for show and tell.

Four hours are scheduled for the class time to allow for all material and practice readings.

$385 one-time payment ($55 per class)
$60 per class 

See Below for optional materials needed

In class one we will cover a very brief history of tarot, the anatomy of a tarot deck, numerology and tarot, intuition, getting ready to read…ritual, storing card, etc, one card storytelling, one card readings and The Fool through The Wheel of Fortune.

Class Two
In class two we will cover the Major Arcana, symbols and tarot, bridging, the art of putting cards together, two card spreads and crossings, three card spreads-with some variations and Justice through The World.

Class Three
In class three we will cover The Fool’s Journey, meditating with the Tarot, the Minor Arcana, the suit of Wands, three card spreads-more variations and techniques, and Ace through the King of Wands

Class Four 
In class four we will cover the Court Cards, Myers Briggs and tarot, speed reading, the art of presenting the story of the reading, the suit of Cups, the Illuminated Star Spread, and Ace through the King of Cups

Class Five
In class five we will cover Court Cards and their relationship with Astrology, Astrology and the Tarot, the suit of Swords, Birthday/Yearly spread and Ace through the King of Swords

Class Six
In class six we will cover Timing and tarot, significators, a brief introduction Kabbalah and its interaction with the Tarot, the suit of Pentacles, Tree of Life spread and Ace through King of Pentacles

Class Seven
In class seven we will cover reversals, patterns, reading for others, card games with your Tarot deck, the Celtic Cross spread, overall wrap up and questions, graduation.

Reserve your seat on the workshop page  by clicking on the workshop tab on the  header above

We have found if you have the follow materials and use them you will benefit even more from each class.




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