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I wanted to share with you my utmost gratitude, for helping with my struggles. As a victim of trauma suffered in the military, I have felt weighted down for two decades – seemingly getting worse. Without your help, I would not have been able to identify the underlying issues from childhood which needed to be addressed - so that I could begin to heal. 
Before meeting you, I was fearful that I would become agoraphobic, as my symptoms just kept compounding. I plan to talk with my doctor to try and decrease my medication dosage. I have already shared with her how working with you has helped me remain calm in elevators, on bridges, trains and in heavy traffic. My next goal is the airplane, and I hope to be sharing good news with you soon! You have equipped me with so many useful tools. Thanks to you, this Soldier has an arsenal of weapons to continually fight life’s struggles. 
Soni, you are my guardian angel on Earth 
R.N., MD

just had to write and tell you thanks again for today. I drove home with the window down, feeling the sunlight streaming in, and a really epic sense of peace. So much made sense to me--from relationships to my mannerisms, to my purpose here. I have replayed the lives over in my head, and feel a sense of gratitude at knowing my soul's journey. It really meant a lot, and I already know that this has and will make a profound difference in my life. Thank you and have a wonderful evening.

Heather, VA

Soni, I am not sure, but I suspect after me and your working on that past lfie , things changed I am working more than ever and I also got my arm healed and since than, one miracle after another it was a blessing going to view that past life .I am so glad we faced the stuff together and I got the Grace :) Just mind blowing. People see the doctor papers and me moving arm and they don’t understand I feel Blessed beyond any word.
Thank you for beign there for me that day…in my mind it is because all healing in egenral and all done that day.
DA, Ft Lauderdale, FLDA,

Soni has been a huge help in helping me to deal with the stress of having my daughter in Afghanistan Through E.F.T resolved being a smoker to non-smoker and to curb the overeating as a stress manager. Have lost 20lbs. Find her to be kind and compassionate with a wonderful sense of humor that helps you to laugh at yourself.
J.S., Fairfax, VA

Soni has been a life saver. She has helped me transition after my divorce, into a new Entrepreneurial career, and through the loss of a very close friend. I would still be a very lost person without her. Working with Soni has changed my life for the better.
​I’m doing very well. The hourly “checking in” is a big help and asking what do I need. In the evenings, I have ten minutes of me time and I use my relaxation techniques to communicate to my subconscious. A lot about how much and what I eat is different. I’ve learned to eat when and what my body tells me what it needs. My driving need to eat sugar in larger volumes is lowered tremendously, starches are not eliminated but also reduced dramatically and are equivilent to about a slice of bread a day. I found that I ate because it tasted good not because I needed it. Now, if I want something sweet, its only because I feel I need it and, strangely enough, only then have only a bite or two. Someone here at work brought in doughnuts today. I opened the box and said I could have one if I felt I needed something sweet. I just didn’t feel a physical need for it so I closed the box. That SOOO much better than saying, I can’t have it and making myself walk away. I feel freed.
So far, the tools you’ve given me are working. I’m not sure I need to expand in EFT at this time.Sleep has been great! I need to pick up a bottle of herbs today to keep it going. 
EW, Reston, VA

I would like to take a moment to thank Soni Weiss for her guidance in my journey with healing the past and moving into a more grounded and peaceful future. I have been in traditional therapy before and had always left feeling sad and frustrated. My life has been filled with a great deal of tragedy and loss. Rehashing it week after week with "How does that make you feel?" was down right exhausting. With therapy being counter productive to feeling more equipped to cope with life's ups and down , I decided to try Soni Weiss. First, I was able to call Soni from California, while being in the comfort of my own home. That aspect alone helped me open up more about my issues than in any other session I have ever had before. No more trying to read the therapists reactions or trying to drive home feeling frazzled . I felt relaxed and safe with Soni.

While speaking to Soni, she has taught me how to connect feelings with my body's own natural responses to those emotions. Through abstract observation of your emotions, she allows you to look it from a third party perspective. This took me out of feeling surrounded by these painful emotions to compartmentalizing them so that I was able to cope, process and then release hurtful events. I would end our talks feeling "lighter" and refreshed. I actually felt like I had made substantial progress in feeling grounded and present. This was the head way I had been seeking with therapy and had never been able to achieve with any other therapist.

Thank you Soni for all the tools you have given me to live much more freely. You have a truly unique and special gift of healing in people's life's. I now feel that I have a supportive and productive resource in navigating through life's challenges. I look forward to speaking with you in the future.
T. M., Santa Monica, CA.

This was a lot easier than I thought it would be, so easy to talk on the phone and now I have  an idea of where I am going; I felt lost before.
P.L., North Carolina

Working with Soni I was able to let go of many old fears that were haunting me.  I already started to feel better; have energy and creativity; I am back in business again :]
D.A.  Florida

Soni is current in her treatments, able to communicate her knowledge, a warm and friendly person, what more could one want !!!
F.G., Virginia

Dear Soni
It occurred to me that it's been about a year since I first reached out to you for help in dealing with the drama that was unfolding in my life (and still is). So, it seems appropriate that I take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the extraordinary kindness and generosity you've shown.
You have a gift for making people feel worthy and special. Thank you for sharing that gift with me.​​
C. Washington, DC  

A very dear friend of mine Heard Your online comments on the radio show and She Asked Me To pass this on to you. Please let me know you have received her message. Thank you.  

Hi you,

I just now got around to listening to your radio show about forgiveness.

Of course, you know, as my friend, that this is perhaps....No, IT IS, the biggest obstacle I still have to deal with in my life. I am SO glad that I listened to it, for several reasons...One is that, your voice soothes me, no matter what; but it seems that it especially did so during this show.

There are many statements out there that talk about what forgiveness is, or how to do it, how quick or how long it takes to accomplish this. I am old enough to have heard most of these statements. The timing in my life never seemed to be right so that I could really "get", "hear", or truly understand how to apply it to my life, no matter how hard I tried,nor how much I prayed..

Today you had a caller named Soni (don't know how to spell her name), and during her talk she said something that, I believe, finally "turned the KEY" that allowed the awareness and understanding of how I can FINALLY let go of my
traumas and no longer let the past run my life......The subject you guys were talking about was rape....
The statement she made was something like "if you don't let it go, then you are letting them rape you for the rest of your life."  I have NEVER had a statement about forgiveness resonate on any level, however the way she phrased that, "resonated"
on EVERY level of awareness I have. The light finally went on.

Yolanda--I am "stunned" by my reaction to her statement.
I know you know her, so could you please pass on my infinite gratitude to her, for her gift to me? She just transformed the rest of my life.


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