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The greatest deception men suffer  is from their own opinions. 
    Leonardo da Vinci.
Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world. 
  Arthur Schopenhauer.
  Do exactly what you would    do if you felt most secure. 
     Meister Eckhart


Expect your first appointment to last approximately two hours. We will start by discussing your expectations and what issues you want to focus on.

We will set goals and structure a plan to reach those goals.

We will do a deep relaxation session and teach you how you can do this for yourself, and then you can begin using and practicing these newly learned tools at home.  


You will always be in control of the session; no one can make you do anything under hypnosis that is against your will. Stage hypnotists are very selective in who they choose. If the candidate didn't want to have fun, they would not be up on the stage. So relieve yourself of that concern if you have it.  

The unconscious mind is very protective, and you will remember as much as you are willing to recognize. Since judgment is suspended during the session, it will be much easier to do healing and forgiveness work. We can see life's events from a morally neutral position and therefore, can release old pain, hurt, and grievances that are holding us back. The problem is not forgiving others; usually the hard part is forgiving ourselves......believe it or not.  

Subsequent session average an hour to an hour and a half.

Past Life Regressions session may last last 1.5 -2 hrs. depending on your intention for the session. Usually, we are able to revisit several past lives that will influence on your current lifetime. Even though you are in a light/medium trance, you will still be able to talk. 

Please bring your tape recorder or smartphone if you want to tape these sessions. Playing them over can give you more information and healing. 

Depending on the issue being worked on, you may be asked to keep a journal or do other homework to facilitate the process of change. Remember, change is inevitable .... growth is optional.

Most people say they leave the session feeling very relaxed and energetic. Some say it was a life-changing event.

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Smoking Cessation: $100.00 a session

Individual Consultations: $100.00 a session.
Private coaching session in office or by phone lasting from 1-1.5 hrs.

Past Life Regression Session 2 hrs. + $150.00

Phone or Skype: Mini coaching session of 15 min at $1.75 min. after an initial consultation session.  

Note: Most insurance carriers do not cover these services. You may be able to use your medical flex account for this, though. Check with your employer.

Sorry but I do not bill insurance but do accept Pay Pal and Personal Checks and credit cards.


​At $5.63 a pack x 365 days = $2054.95. When you do the math, the expense of quitting is small compared to the benefits derived. If you currently have health insurance, you may also reduce the cost of premiums. Many insurance companies are now charging clients an additional premium for this expensive past time.

If you want to quit, there is study after study that shows hypnosis works exceptionally well.

Many people stop in just one session; some take two or three. These sessions include reframing your attitude towards smoking, reinforcing your desire and ability to become a non-smoker, learning to relax, and nutritional support.

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Soni Weiss, Ph.D., CH
Transpersonal Counselor, Past Life Regressionist, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Call now for a free 30 minute consultation (703) 264-5848  
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