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SONI WEISS, intuitive counselor will consult the  tarot cards to answer your questions in all areas of your life. By combining her psychic abilities and her many years of experience in both the business world and medical field she is able to give you practical advice and answers to your questions.  
E- mail for appt: soni.weiss@verizon.net  or Call : 703-264-5848
Fees:     30 min $40    45 min. $55    60 min. $75
NIHARIKA is a natural born Vedic mystic, who has spent over 15 years learning and imbibing the arts and tools of divinization and has been providing palm readings, intuitive psychic an card readings  in order to inspire her clients along their life’s journeys. Contact me for an appointment at: Niharika_Vaish@hotmail.com  or 571375 5676
 Rates: 20 Minutes $45 40 Minutes $65 
  A place to learn and remember; where the old meets the new
     1001 Merlins Ct., Herndon, VA 20170                                                                                                                                        soni.weiss@verizon.net
     www.thegoldenlighthouse.com                                                                                                                                                                      703-264-5848
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DINO CALABRESEan Intuitive life counselor who will help guide you along your path with Clarity and Joy. Channeling for the past 20 years, Dino will connect you with your guides and have your questions answered. You will understand how simple and beautiful life is when you receive a different perspective from the energies around you.
 Contact him for an appointment at:  dino@dinocalabrese.com  or call  408-348-4472 Fee: 30 min $60 60 min $125

MATT SULLIVAN of Remnants of Magic, custom designer of gold wire wrapped crystals and stone will be with us displaying some of his gorgeous jewelry and collection of crystals and stones. Check out his web site to see some of his gorgeous workwww.remnantsofmagic.com

STACEY NICHOLE is a certified psychic medium, Reiki master teacher and a compassionate listener.  She is passionate about serving spirit and delivering healing messages for you. To learn more about Stacye go to her website: www.soulssymphony.com  To schedule a session: Email: soulssymphony@yahoo.com  Phone: 703-956-0641 FEES; 30 minutes $45. 60 minutes $90.

GENEVIEVE BLANCO is a sound healer who incorporates other various healing modalities into her sessions. She believes that sound/vibrational medicine is key to creating a healthy energy flow throughout the body. She will be offering “vibrational” tune-ups using her Atlantean Crystal Wand.
Email for appt: genevieveblanco@gmail.com Fees:10 mins $15.00: 15 min. $23.00; 20 min. $30

ALICIA "CICI" DOTSON - Gemstone Energy Medicine (TM) Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Balancer, Reiki Master/Teacher Cici brings a variety of modalities to her sessions as she works with you. She also developed her own variation of energy work she calls "Intuitive Energy Balancing."  Altogether, Cici  listens to your energy and  helps you move towards better balance. 
Contact for an appointment at: 703-853-8899 or e mail bridgeways2balance@gmail.com  
FEE: 30 min/$30 or 60 min/$55  

LOLITA HANNA-NNAWUBA,  Lolita is a Massage Therapist, who  incorporates Energy work into her services whenever it is requested. Chakra Balancing, Pain Release and Quantum Touch are also available   Contact by e-mail for an appointment healinghands1227@gmail.com or call: 703-763-6393 Fees: Special Head & Shoulder 20 min. massage $25 Regular Massage 30 min $55 60 Min $100 Healing Hands Session 1 Hr. $120

BUBBLES MOON  is an intuitive psychic, teacher and devote of Herbology who has spent over 20 years loving, learning and working with the Tarot and have been providing personal readings in order to guide and assist her clients along their life’s path . Contact for appointment by Email:  BigMamaHoodoo@gmail.com Ph:  540 272 9524 Special Lighthouse rates: 30 Minutes $75 60 Minutes $125