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What My Birthdate Says About Me


DATE:  SUNDAY JAN. 21 – 1-4 P.M
FEE:  $20.00 (with book $30.00)

You must register for this class at the website as seating is limited  click on the workshop tab above.

Your birthdate is your key to answering WHAT IS MY LIFE PURPOSE AND IT’S PATH.

Although we will cover the basics of numerology, this class is focused on you and your numbers as derived from your birthdate. We will be learning how to determine all the pertinent numbers for ourselves and then discussing the attributes of each number during the class. Once you learn how to determine a person’s number you will have a great deal of knowledge about the individual which can be very helpful when dealing with them in personal or business relationships, and of course the most important person in your life...”YOU”. 

In this basic class on numerology we will cover:

     oThe number 1-9 and what their key words and meanings
     oHow to determine your personal number
     oHow to determine your personal day 
     oHow to determine your personal year
    oHow to determine your life path and how to remove blocks using some basic laws of the universe. 

     Learning your strength and weaknesses will help you to understand yourself and how you relate to others. Including yourself. Knowing the traits of friends and loved ones can really help in the areas of communication as you will learn where they are coming from. As an example, I had a client come to me who young son was having some serious behavioral issues. Communication was a problem it became evident to me so I looked up her numbers and her sons and it became quite apparent that they were bucking heads. When I explained to her where her son was coming from, never having met him just with his birthdate, and how to approach him she applied the information and later told me the problem had been pretty much resolved. (Of course he wasn’t a teenager yet....lolllll that is another hurdle)

     We will be using Dan Millman’s wonderful book “The Life you were Born to Live” as our reference. You can either purchase this book yourself https://www.amazon.com/LIFE-YOU-WERE-BORN-LIVE-ebook/dp/B003LBRIPU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510267621&sr=8-1&keywords=the+life+you+were+born+to+live  or we will have used ones available for purchase at the class. 

You must register for this class at the website as seating is limited and we have to prepare materials for everyone. Click on the workshop tab above and it will take you to the registration page.