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Lolita has years experience in multiple disciplines. Lolita is an intuive massage therapist  who is certified in Reiki, crystal therapy and vibrational therapy  and will incorporate energy healing  into her services whenever it is requested.  Be it a foot massage or a full body massage you will experience sheer joy.  Lolita also will provide Chakra balancing, pain relase and Quantum Touch upon your request.

Lolita is also a  Master Esthetician that enjoys working with her clients to educate them on proper skin care techniques and proper product selection, as well as makeup application, body treatments, and waxing and essential oils. 

​Fees: Special Head & Shoulder 20 min. massage $25
            Regular Massage 30 min $55      60 Min $100  
            Healing Hands Session 1 Hr. $120

Contact her at:   703-763-6393
Lolita Hanna-Nnawuba: 
Intuitive Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, 
Master Esthetician