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An Intuitive Structured Study of Tarot  
Fee: $60 per class
January Sat. 13th 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
February Sat 17 h  2.p.m. to 6 p.m.
March  Sat 17 th 2.pm. to 6 p.m.

Not your ordinary tarot class...here you will learn to read like the professionals do...intuitively...not just memorizing definitions....from one of the areas finest Tarot Master Teachers - Bubbles Moon

Click here to learn more about the content of each class.



Sat: Jan 27  11:-12:30 p.m.
Sat. Feb. 17 11-12: 30  p.m.
Fee:  25  (pendulums at extra fee)

Most people don’t realize all pendulums are not alike. They don’t all have the same purpose and won’t all answer your questions.  
If you are not getting the results you want from your pendulum maybe it’s because you are not forming your questions correctly? 

In this class you will learn how to:
Choose the right pendulum for you
How to speak to it 
Understand what it is saying to you  
Clean and care for it
Find lost items and more 

Bring your favorite pendulums or purchase one at the 

Learning the Fabulous Lenormand Cards
This is a four part series Sunday from 12-4  

Fee: $45 (does not include deck and book) see details for card and book info.

Lenormand cards are especially useful for providing direct answers for practical questions. For example, “how do I secure a raise” or “how might I best impress my boyfriend: or “how well prepared am I for a life event”? They are more narrow and specific in their meanings as opposed to the classic Tarot therefore I find them easier to understand when reading for myself, personally on a pragmatic level.  

Jan. 28 - Portrait and Basics

Feb. 18 - Advanced Techniques (person, place, time)

Mar. 18 - Playing Card inserts and suits - the stories

April 15 - Combining Lenormand and Tarot

More details click here

Angel Party with Dino Calabrese

Sun. Feb 18, from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m

Fee: $55

We want you to share in this unique experience An angel party is a fun and uplifting gathering of 6 to 12 people (so reservations are limited!) to experience the loving energy your spiritual guides have to share.

With his gift of channeling, Dino travels the country helping people hear their inner voices to guide them in living their life with success and joy. He has touched thousands of lives through individual and group ("angel") sessions, and is even in demand by his peers, known as "Psychic to the Psychics.

Read More about this event

Meditation with Intention with Julie Richardson - Psychic Medium

Sunday Feb. 25    2-5 p.m.
Fee: $50

This is such a popular and fun class and it usually sells out so book early.

In this unique class Julie, a well known physic medium, will teach you how to access your guides  through a guided meditation process.  During the class  you will be able to connect with your guides and higher spirits and with a little practice of her unique method be able to do so when ever you wish to get answers to your questions and guidance in your life.   

We at the Lighthouse believe in empowering people and giving them the tools to reach their highest potential.  Julie also has regular gatherings during the month for those who wish to practice as a group in her Manassas location. 

Learning How to Find Your 
  Personal Numbers and What They Mean

Sunday Jan. 21  1-4 p.m -- Sold Out
Sat.  Feb. 24  2-5 p.m.
Fee:  $25  (book available for sale here $10)

We will be working with Dan Millman's "The Life You Were Meant to Live" You will learn how to determine your personal numbers determined by your date of birth and given name at birth and from here you then can determine your lifes purpose and destiny; how to relate to others; and many other questions will be answered.  

More details click here