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Linda Dulicai, CNHP, Advanced LDHS of The Healthy Zone has been working in Alternative Health, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness for over 37 Years.

Linda worked in environmental justice in SouthSide Virginia for 4 years in partnerships with SouthSide Virginia Coalition, Environmental Interest Organization, EDF, Sierra Club and the Waterkeepers Alliance. The environmental and social issues of animal factories and sludge were two issues on which she focused. Also, with a corporate career spanning over 20 years in group health insurance claims there is a unique understanding of medical protocols.

She has physical wellbeing specialties in food education, enzymes therapies. Her emotional/spiritual specialties are Neural Energy Alignment, Emotional Clearing, Bach Flowers. Jin Shin Jyutsu applies to both. Linda is also the creator of a series of workshops on self discovery.

Her focus is to give you the physical, emotional and spiritual tools for you to be well “wholeistically”.

In today’s hyper-energized environment getting to the emotional factors that may not be yours is very important. There may be things that you witnessed and others that have come down to you from your ancestors. There are also those that are uniquely yours. Whatever the source, they may be addressed by Emotional Clearing.

For more information on Linda and the services she provides you can visit her website at:  www.the-healthy-zone.com