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Juli Richardson – Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Consultant, Reiki Practitioner
    My name is Juli and I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Psychic Medium. I provide healing through the ancient method of Reiki and by delivering loving messages from Spirit. 

    I believe that healing occurs when our bodies are in a state of "ease" and that each person is unique in their physical, emotional, & spiritual make up. It is my goal to provide Reiki treatments that address the unique physical and emotional needs of each individual client.  

    In doing work as a spiritual healer, I have also discovered my ability to communicate with Spirit. As a Psychic Medium, I am able to receive messages from angels, spirit guides, and loved ones on the other side. These messages are gifts of love and guidance that are often times extremely healing and life changing.  

    To schedule an appointment for you or someone you love, call (703)-926-4499 or email  lightworksreiki@aol.com. I am available for private in person readings in  Manassas, VA and at the monthly Golden Lighthouse event. I also do readings by phone and Skype.