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GENEVIEVE BLANCO - Sound Healing and Energy Worker
Genevieve Blanco enjoys exploring many different healing modalities and is certified in several - Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing, Crystal Therapy and EFT. Vibrational medicine has always been her favorite. She has studied sound healing with Jonathan Goldman, a true pioneer in the field of sound and its effects on our vibrational fields. She is a member of the Sound Healers Association, founded by Goldman in 1982. She received her certification in Holographic Sound Healing from the Institute for Holographic Sound and Inner Balance in Austin, TX. She owns more than a few crystal singing and Tibetan bowls, crystal Pyramids, tuning forks, gongs and other instruments used for sound healing.
The fundamental nature of sound has a capacity for shifting awareness, energy patterns and even physical symptoms. Sound is the original vibration from which all things arise and can be used as a portal to access deep levels of healing and transformation. 
    Are you feeling tired even though you’ve had a good night’s sleep? Do you feel mentally sluggish and perhaps a bit depressed? These are signs that may indicate your energy isn’t flowing smoothly through the body’s super highway of chakras, arteries, veins and nerves, potentially causing dis-ease.
    A “vibrational” tune-up with the Atlantean Crystal Wand will balance every chakra and clear energetic blockages to create a healthy energy flow throughout the body. Sound medicine embraces the idea that when vibration shifts, healing and integration can occur, and states of deep peace and rejuvenation may result.
E-mail for appt: genevieveblanco@gmail.com
Lighthouse Rate: $15-10 mins; $23-15 minutes; $30-20 minutes