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Dino Calabrese - Intuitive Life Counselor
Dino will help guide you through your path with Clarity and Joy. Channeling for the past
20 years, Dino now travels all over the country helping people move forward in their
adventures of life. Connect with your guides and have questions answered. You will
understand how simple and beautiful life is when you receive a different perspective
from the energies around you.

As a child, Dino believed that the voices he heard were Spirits or Guides currently
surrounding him with helpful information. In his thirties, with this understanding, he knew
in order to continue receiving messages from these guides he would have to develop
his awareness of these inner voices. As a result, he discovered the ability to hear voices
surrounding others as well as himself. Since then, Dino has been helping people how to
continue on their life path with success and joy.

Contact Dino at   (408) 348 4472

E-mail: dino@dinocalabrese.com

Lighthouse Fee: 30 min $60.00      60 min $125.00   


"Thanks so much for sponsoring Dino. It was a great session. He moved between his gifts
of intuitive coach, channel and psychic medium seamlessly. The guidance I was looking for -
getting unstuck as I move into a new consciousness - was offered up! I highly recommend him.
K.T. Nockamixon, PA

" I had to email you and tell you how much I enjoyed my reading with Dino today! He was
wonderful and picked up on my thoughts and feelings immediately. He helped me see what
I already knew in my heart, but gave me guidance on what I needed to do to accomplish my
goals. My only regret was that I didn't book an hour session! Thank you again for suggesting I
have my reading with him. Your description of him was right on the mark and I loved him." A.M.,
Warminster, PA

"My reading with Dino was wonderful and insightful. I received answers to my questions and also
received messages from departed loved ones. Totally enjoyable and helpful." Darlene O'Brien,
Holland PA

"I just had an incredible and marvelous reading from Dino. I am stunned at the accuracy of the
information. I have never had a reading as thorough as this before. I would highly recommend
him. Thank you for providing this opportunity for me to have this reading from Dino. I'm still
like...wow!" Ginny Fiorentine, Levittown, PA

"I had a phone reading from Dino and it was very enlightening. He is very gifted. He gave me
much needed direction and encouragement to find joy in my life again. I also got messages from
my mom and grandmother from the other side. Very special to me as my mom passed away
when I was two years old and have always had a "hole in my heart" from her absence in my life.
Thank you for offering readings to us on that snowy day." Jeanette, King of Prussia, PA

"Amazing! Wonderful! These words are understatements when describing my session with
Dino. He is an extraordinary life counselor and psychic medium. I have seen many gifted
psychics, some very well known who written books and appeared on national TV, but I can
honestly say Dino is the only person I would highly recommend to EVERYONE! He tells you
what you need NOW and gives you messages from your guides and loved ones who passed
over. He has an uncanny way of providing you with the right perspective for nurturing and being
the person you were meant to be. Dino is insightful, intelligent, witty, expressive, but most of all,
he fills your spirit and being with purpose, clarity, and abundant joy. Thank you Susan for having
Dino!" Coleen, Jenkintown, PA

"My reading with Dino was a life altering experience. He was wonderful! When he found out
I had a daughter, the very first thing he asked me was "is she pregnant?" and I immediately
began to cry softly as she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for several months.
The next morning I received a call from her telling me she was pregnant. I am going to be
a grandmother! I'm filled with so much joy and love it is overwhelming. "Thank you, Dino for
changing my life that day. I needed to hear everything you had to say." Nan S. Doylestown, PA

"I just wanted to comment on Dino's reading today. I was totally floored. He was fantastic. I
would recommend him to everyone. He communicated with spirits that have visited me in the
past and then introduced me to new guides and spirits who came to give me messages. He
told me about one of my past lives which explains my love of art. :) He was funny, loving and
professional. I can't wait to see him again." Pam Wojtusik. Warminster PA

" I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with Dino's reading, as was my friend. I think
that he'd be a great addition to your offerings." Marji Powers, Newtown PA

"I am soooo grateful I listened to your recommendation about Dino. This reading has given me
alot of peace and comfort in my heart. He was wonderful and right on with everything. It was
the best I've had since my friend Carla who was alot like Dino, passed on in 2003. I am so very
grateful for this reading, it changed my life, and I am seeing things from a much higher place and
peace. Thank you so much for Dino. He is very gifted and really open to Spirit and vibration. I could just go on and on. It was the best. Thank you. I will sleep much better tonight." Patricia R,
Lebanon, PA