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"Cici Dotson" - Intuitive Energy Balancing, Gems/Crystals, Biofield Tuning
​Cici puts her highly developed intuition and years of training and practice to work for you in order to maximize your sense of well-being.
She combines Reiki Mastery, Biofield Tuning techniques (using tuning forks), crystals and Gemisphere Gemstone therapies to create unique and transformative experiences. Each session is informed and guided by listening to YOUR intention and then adjusting YOUR Energy field to synchronize with your intent.  
After we agree to work together, you state your intention, we begin by anchoring and aligning the energy system to relax and re-orient the total Be-ing with Earth's natural electromagnetic field, also known as the Schumann Resonances. In many cases, this step alone helps people to feel less stress, more focus, and in-tune with their body, mind, and nature. Next, I check your field and align anything not in harmony with your intention. Finally, I "wrap up" your field so you can go back into the world in a more protected state.
Insights may present themselves during sessions which may be helpful for understanding certain situations, and most people leave feeling grounded and balanced.
Cost: 30 min/$45 and 50 min/$70

You can contact her at   bridgeways2balance@gmail.com  or call 703-853-8899