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My name is Bubbles. I am an intuitive psychic who has spent over 20 years loving, learning, working with and teaching the Tarot  while  providing personal readings to my clients in order that I may guide and assist them along their life’s path. 

In 1996 my own health was greatly challenged. After complete frustation with a single focused approach I turned my passion of plants and things that grow, into a serious pursuit Being blessed to live on a small farm in Orlean, Virginia allowed me to be in constant contact and harmony with Mother Nature, the cycles of life that feeds my Shaman’s soul so it should be no surprise that I have an interest in natural healing methods and an interest in herbalism. Taking this interest one step further I acquired a degree in Herbalism from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, formerly known as Australasian College. I also became certified as a Master Practitioner of traditional Ushi Reiki to assist others. 

I am a perpetual student and lover of life and nature who loves to teach and share what I knows so providing workshops and classes throughout the year on Tarot and Herbalism is a joy for me .
When we sit in session my purpose is to help you achieve your goals. I open up to my Guides, your Guides, the Spirit Realm and all that are on your team to bring clarity and answers to your questions and give you information you need to make the best possible choices available to you. . We work together to get answers, remove blocks, and create harmonyin your life.

 You can contact me for an appointment by Email: BigMamaHoodoo@gmail.com

Golden Lighthouse Rates

30 Minutes $75      60 Minutes $125