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                                          INTUITIVE CARD READINGS             
My name is Bethany, and I am a cartomancer (someone who practices divination using decks of cards such as Tarot) who loves to help others better understand their own "life story tapestries" and "weave" their lives with purpose.     I have been divining meaning out of cards for fifteen years in this lifetime, beginning with the Lenormand system.  
    Lenormand is a piquet deck, which uses about half a poker deck (missing numbers 2 through 6), and uses pictures as well as the playing card numbers for divination. It is usually read by laying out all 36 cards in a grid and reading them in various combinations to gain insight into career, health, finance, relationships, and other aspects of our daily lives. Going back to the storywoven tapestry metaphor, each of these cards is like a single thread, and by itself carries little meaning, but, when they are all brought together, we see a single moment containing our fullest life. 
     Lenormand does best when responding to questions similar to "what is going on" and can help us understand the practical steps of how we got to where we are, and does not do as well with "the meaning of life" and "why" types of questions. For those types of questions, I usually turn to Tarot, which I have been reading for ten years. Each Tarot card by itself is a tapestry all of its own, and when those cards are brought together into an even more complex weaving, we are more able to uncover deeper personal truth and touch on the more intangible aspects of our life stories. 
     Sometimes I combine Tarot and Lenormand in order to combine both perspectives. This technique helps to ground the more ethereal Tarot system in the more practical Lenormand, providing tangible context for the intangible.  
    I use cards as a focus for the intuitive, empathic, and psychic work that I do. While I have always been spiritually gifted, I do not use those abilities to contact the deceased loved ones, spirit guides, spirit mentors, spirit guardians, etc. of others (in other words, I am not a medium). I use my own connection to the All-Knowing Divine and my ability to sense information and emotion through the ever-present spiritual atmosphere (sort of like breathing and knowing what flowers are nearby from the way they smell) to guide the laying of the cards as well as their interpretation. In particular, this means that I can only ever do a reading for you; - no matter who else is involved, your storywoven life is always about you.

My rates are: 30 min for $40 and 60 min for $75

Visit my webstie at :http://storywoventapestry.weebly.com/

Contact by email for appointment:storywoventapestry@gmail.com 
or Phone:  703-585-6035